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Rewrite the sentences putting the object between the verb and particle.

1. We picked up the children from school.
   : We picked the children up from school.

2. Please throw away your trash. Don't leave it in the park.

3. Put on your hat. It's very cold outside!

4. I'm going to throw out my old watch and buy a new one.

5. I walk a lot, so I wear out my shoes Quickly

Complete each sentence with a future time clause or a main clause. Use the words and phrases in parentheses and the correct punctuation. (가로 앞에 빈공간을 채워야 해요,,)

1. When I get a new TV,                (I/give/my old one/away)

2.              (after/Joan/mend/the cover)this couch will look great.

3. I'm not going to sell my car              (until/it/break down/again)

4.              (as soon as/Jerzy/have/enough time)he is going to buy a new refrigerator.

5. Do you think about what you are doing                (before/you/toss/things/in the trash)

6. After Eddie repairs my glasses                  (they/be/as good as new)


Look at the chart. Write five sentences with future time clauses in your notebook.
Use one future time clause and one main clause in each sentence.
Use the correct form of the verb in parentheses.
Punctuate your sentences correctly.


Future time clause Main clause


when my wach (stop) working

After Sally (finish) her report 

As soon as class (end)

When our car (break) down 

Before Patricia (throw) her lecture notes out      


Main clause


 I (call) you

She (ask) if her sister wants them

she (go) home

We (buy) a new one

 I (replace) it


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